What are the possible symptoms (without opening up your Amiga).

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The symptoms below could be caused by capacitor leakage:

  1. Slow turning on – This is a common fault, if the unit is powered and after an amount of time boots up, that is the sign the capacitors are tired.
  2. Audio is distorted  – This may resolve itself after the Amiga has warmed up, again capacitors are tired, however this could also be caused by another component failure.
  3. Random rebooting – you could be using the Amiga and it suddenly reboots.
  4. Guru Errors – These are not so common and could be caused by a hose of other possible issues like software incompatibility, or another hardware issue.
  5. Non booting – I see this more with the Amiga CD32.

Although capacitors can cause the above issues there is always a possibility that it could be caused by something else for example your PSU especially with issues with sound.