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Refurbished Commodore Amiga 1200

Refurbished Commodore Amiga 1200’s are available, send an enquiry of what is currently available. Scroll down for further details or send an enquiry.

  1. Case deep cleaned.
  2. Mainboard cleaned.
  3. Capacitors Replaced (Fully recapped).
  4. Modulator removed (ready for the Vampire V4 HDMI Cable).
  5. Timing fix applied (if needed)
  6. Floppy drive serviced – Note some Amigas will have a mounted Gotek installed instead.
  7. Keyboard stripped and cleaned
  8. *Full 14 point motherboard hardware check and soak.


Enquire about a refurbished Amiga!


*Number of tests dependent on specification of the Amiga and what add-ons are added.

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Each 1200 has the following options available:

  • PSU (the reason none is included mahy amigas a bought ans second machines)
  • Mouse
  • Accelerator Cards (68020,68030 and so on)
  • Memory cards (for WHDLoad)
  • CF/SD cards (4Gb, 8Gb or bigger)
  • and much more!

Happy to discuss individual needs, as every Amiga will be unique!

Enquire about a refurbished Amiga!