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Commodore C64 (Breadbin) Recap


Commodore C64 (Breadbin) capacitor replacement service, all board revisions. NOTE this is NOT a repair service.

  • Check of the board before recapping is begun.
  • Removal of existing capacitors.
  • Cleanup and preparation of area.
  • Replace using Panasonic (or other quality brand) capacitors.
  • Retest (Video, Audio)
  • FREE return postage of your recapped board.

Full details of this recapping service is under the description tab below.

Preparing your board for postage:

All that needs to be sent is the mainboard (with or without its metal shielding), this should be placed in an Antistatic bag or newspaper (some plastic can conduct). Place this in a secure box with padding added bubble wrap is fine or crushed newspaper.

Make sure you put a note in the box to state who its from, return address and a printed copy of your order, if you don’t have a printer write down the order number on the piece of paper.


Whats included in the service?

Check of the board before recapping is begun

Before any work is started a full board check is done, if there are faults found i will contact you before recapping is done.

Removal of existing capacitors

Professional tools and methods are used in removing capacitors along with materials like flux are used to aid removal.

Cleanup and preparation of area

When the old capacitors are removed it will leave behind flux but also if they have leaked there will also be dried electrolyte on the board (you will smell a fishy smell if capacitors have leaked when removing) so the area is fully cleaned up with flux remover, IPA and then deionized water.

Replace with a good brand capacitors

Yes I only use Panasonic capacitors, there are other makes I use if a particular rating capacitor is not avilable.

Retest (Video, Audio)