Amiga recapping is something that needs to be done it’s as simple as that! In particular the Amiga 600,1200,CD32,4000D and 4000T but also the Amiga 1000,500,2000,3000 but not as urgent as the others I will explain why. When Commodore manufactured the Amiga 600,1200,CD32,4000 and 4000T they probably never thought that over 25 years later Amiga computers will still be used. Well here we are today and the Amiga community is thriving with lots of new accessories being released for example the Vampire Accelerator

Why in particular recapping the Amiga 600,1200, CD32, 4000D or 4000T?
SMD – Surface Mount Device

These particular Amiga’s have SMD (Surface Mount Device) capacitors as well as radial ones, these were probably the cheapest you could get at the time and with any component it has a lifespan. The Amiga capacitors are well over that! Now here is the science bit, within the aluminum capacitors is a substance called electrolyte, this is a liquid, now this electrolyte will leak eventually, and that’s when issues arise with your Amiga.


CD32 Bulging Caps

In the Amiga CD32 there are 2 capacitors installed the wrong way and you can see this as they will be bulging why are they bulging?

Well because they were installed the wrong way the capacitor it working the way it should and because of this there is a gas buildup (over a very long time) on top of these 2 capacitors is a indented cross this is designed to release if the pressure gets to much, and the 3640 accelerator board again some were installed the wrong way.

This capacitors provide a few important jobs for example smooth out the DC current in a circuit and in the audio circuit they decouple the circuit from the another one. OK so why recapping your Amiga is necessary then in english!


When capacitors dry out they don’t function as they should and this could show up on your Amiga in many ways depending which capacitor has dried out:

  • Sound problems
  • Random rebooting
  • Guru Errors
  • Non booting
  • Slow switching on


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